How The Concept of Curiosity Relates to Our Theme

By Adonis Michael | 2nd of October 2014
How The Concept of Curiosity Relates to Our Theme By Adonis Michael

Curiosity (Latin: curiosus “careful”) by definition, is the quality of a living being to use inquisitive thinking such as investigation, exploration and learning. 

It is hard to say that we demonstrate this quality by instinct. Curiosity is not a fixed action pattern but an innate basic emotion. 

Having in mind the definition of curiosity it is safe to say that Galileo Galilei (the father of modern science) was driven by this emotion to look deeper. He proved that the earth goes around the sun (Heliocentrism) rather than the opinion that was popular that time - namely that everything was going around the earth (Geocentrism). He was curious and troubled, a restless soul whose "deeper look" redefined the way we perceive our world today.  

Thanks to his thirst for knowledge and his genuinely inquisitive mind, he proved to the rest of the world that we got it all wrong.  Today, we are able to do extraordinary things in our lives thanks to scientists' pioneering discoveries and theories that challenge superficial mainstream notions.  

The first university TEDx in Cyprus urges you to “Look Deeper” in the quest of making sense of the world.  Our team of inspiring speakers and performers will give you an unforgettable experience on the 15h of November.

They will creatively encourage you to go a step forward and view the world from a different angle. One that will enable you to penetrate different aspects of reality and valuable insights through a unique experience of intellectual adrenaline rush.

This is in brief the aim of TEDx University of Nicosia’s theme and we look forward to seeing you on 15 November.